396.1 GE/4–1654: Telegram

The Ambassador in France (Dillon) to the Department of State


3922. Repeated information Saigon 444, London 940. Chauvel today gave French–United States–United Kingdom working group following account of attitude of Vietnamese Foreign Minister regarding Vietnam participation at Geneva Conference. Chauvel had discussed problem with him today, including explanation United States–United Kingdom position that Vietnam should participate as interested State. [Page 527] Vietnam Foreign Minister said he fully expected French Government to propose such participation for Vietnam, but that if Russians then propose Viet Minh, he would expect French to object and to try to get Viet Minh considered under different status from Vietnam. If this move unsuccessful, Vietnamese Government would then expect to be consulted by French Government before acceding to proposal invite both Vietnam and Viet Minh as full participants. Chauvel commented it would obviously be impossible for French Government to break off Conference organization discussions over Viet Minh participation. Vietnam Foreign Minister will consult Bao Dai on this matter and advise Chauvel further.