795.00/2–1854: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the United States Delegation at the Berlin Conference

top secret

Tedul 59. As soon as agreement on Korea-Indochina resolution confirmed, we would like inform President Rhee. Would propose communicate to him through Briggs and Young1 text of agreed [Page 18]resolution and points mentioned second para Dulte 87,2 and would like to send Embassy Seoul for background guidance Dulte 88.3 Have you any objection?

  1. Young was in Korea at this time as Deputy U.S. Representative at the talks at Panmunjom concerning the holding of a political conference on Korea; for documentation, see volume xv . These talks were discontinued following the decision at the Berlin Conference to hold the Geneva Conference on Korea.
  2. Dated Feb. 18, from Berlin. The second paragraph read:

    “(1) Principle of no five power conference is upheld; (2) there is no promotion of Communist China to position of authority and prestige; (3) we are negotiating with Communist China only on de facto basis in relation to concrete local problems of war and peace where that regime is a necessary party; (4) composition for Korea is as we sought and India is excluded; and (5) our choice of place is accepted.” (396.1–BE/2–1854)

  3. Supra .