396.1 GE/3–1354: Telegram

The Ambassador in France (Dillon) to the Department of State


3344. Repeated information Saigon 387, Phnom Penh 33. Deptel 3139 (Saigon 1661, Phnom Penh 48) March 12.1 In event approach made by Associated States to US re views on participation Associated States IC conference Geneva, Embassy does not believe that we should go beyond general position such as that indicated reftel to effect this a question for decision by Berlin powers at Geneva and presumably method issuance of invitation will be decided at that time.

On other hand, Embassy does not consider question participation Associated States IC conference Geneva appropriate subject for US to raise with Associated States and is of opinion that any initiative taken to express our views in this regard should be vis-à-vis French Government and in manner reflecting our full appreciation existence French Union relationship. As indicated in Embtels 3175,2 3176,3 and 3209,4 French have stated that their position will be determined after reaching agreement Associated States and consultation with UK and US, and that our views will play important role in determination their position.

Question participation Associated States is one French presumably desire to discuss in tripartite IC talks Paris prior April 26. As regards Cambodian fear that French may not take initiative to approach them in regard their participation Geneva, Embassy can only point out that French have said that they intend to reach agreement with Associated States this score. Presumably this question would be raised with Cambodia in connection with Franco-Cambodian negotiations expected to begin Paris end of March just as it is understood that this subject will be thoroughly explored with Vietnamese during current Franco-Vietnamese negotiations.

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  4. In addition to reporting (in telegram 3209, Mar. 5, not printed) the French position on seating the Associated States, the Embassy in Paris said that it was unaware of any French effort to exclude the Associated States if they wished to be present and if the possible presence of a Viet Minh Government was not objectionable to the United States and the United Kingdom. (396.1 GE/3–554)