396.1 GE/3–1254: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy at Saigon 1


1661. Cambodian Ambassador2 called Department March 11 to inquire regarding Indochina phase Geneva Conference. He was told until Secretary had returned from Caracas, Dept could offer very little additional information.

Apparently on instructions his Government, Ambassador informed Department “informally” that Cambodia desired attend Geneva if invited and desired recognition of her “special position” which he said more similar that of Thailand than of Laos or Viet Nam. He also asked about possibility that invitation be issued by United States, stressing that this was not suggestion or expression of preference but purely request for information.

Department representative stated that while Department assumed Cambodia will be invited although no decision yet taken by Berlin powers, invitation to Associated States including Cambodia would presumably be issued by France in accordance with principles developed at Berlin and agreed quadripartitely in case Korean Political Conference.

Department representative stated assumption that Cambodian inquiry regarding conference plans addressed to U.S. also being addressed France. Ambassador gave impression Cambodia would find it difficult discuss this matter with French unless latter take initiative.

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  1. Drafted by Bonsal and Hoey of PSA. Repeated to Paris as telegram 3139 and to Phnom Penh as telegram 48.
  2. Nong Kimny.