396.1 GE/2–2754: Circular telegram

The Secretary of State to All Principal Posts1


306. Joint State-USIA. Communist propagandists appear making some headway label Geneva Conference “Big Five Conference”, unconsciously assisted by some US correspondents use of this as well as term “Five Power Conference”. This damaging to US interests since elevates position Communist China, as well as inaccurate description conference which will be attended by many more than five powers on invitation four powers which met Berlin. (See Berlin communiqué [Page 425] February 18 contained Wireless File same date.)2 Soviet proposal for five power conference was rejected by Western powers at Berlin. In contacts with local press and US correspondents posts and USIS as appropriate requested take whatever action deemed advisable to prevent or correct labeling conference “Big Five” or “Five Power” and to encourage use of “Geneva Conference”. Department requesting Embassies London and Paris secure British and French agreement adopt latter term as official usage. Inform subordinate posts.

  1. Drafted by Mosman and Poole of FE and by Fisher of USIA.
  2. For the pertinent portion of the Final communiqué of the Berlin Conference, Feb. 18, see p. 415.