751G.00/2–2454: Telegram

The Chargé in France (Achilles) to the Department of State


3050. Repeated information Saigon 332. Foreign Office made following comment on opening session permanent committee High Council French Union February 23:

Principal event was presentation by Bidault of developments at Berlin leading to Geneva conference and assurances given by him in presence Coty (presiding) to representatives Associated States that French position for Geneva would be prepared with concurrence Associated States and that no decision would be taken at Geneva without their approval. Representatives Associated States appeared well satisfied with Bidault’s report and results obtained by him re Geneva.

Question participation Associated States at Geneva not discussed at yesterday’s meeting nor is it expected this subject will be decided during balance committee session. Although French Government position this regard likely be determined in large measure by US views, Foreign Office inclined view participation Associated States undesirable since this could lead seating Viet Minh. Associated States aware this possibility and may well not press for participation for this reason.