396.1 GE/6–1154: Telegram

The United States Delegation to the Embassy in Korea


122. Repeated information Department Secto 426, Tokyo 127. Tokyo pass CINCUNC.


Re Seoul’s 1326 to Department repeated information Geneva 166 and Tokyo 7851 with respect last sentence Rhee’s message to you.

Please inform him at appropriate opportunity that UK, Commonwealth and all other delegations agree we have two good issues, as Secretary stated in his Tedul 166 to Geneva, repeated Seoul 992 and Tokyo 2708.2 There was general agreement on these issues at eighth meeting of 16 June 8 as we have previously reported. UK, Commonwealth and others stressed these issues today’s plenary.

We fully appreciate likelihood of increasing difficulty with ROK if Korean phase not wound up soon. Conditional on Department’s [Page 367] comments, suggest you inform Rhee general lines Secto 418 repeated information Seoul 120 and Tokyo 1233 if you consider useful. You also might convey to Rhee that UK, Commonwealth, US and other Allies are in complete agreement on necessity for quickly bringing Korean phase to end in appropriate manner. However, we all realize here difficulties Communists will give us in trying to make “clean break”. Pyun has told us he has discretion on exactly when and how terminate which he hopes will be immediately. He also has agreed a 16-nation statement at end of conference would be advisable.
Plan meeting of 16 on Monday discuss termination tactics in detail.
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