396.1 GE/6–354: Telegram

The United States Delegation to the Embassy in Korea


113. Repeated information Department priority Secto 369, priority Tokyo 107. Tokyo pass CINCUNC. For Briggs.

Following lunch with ROK delegation which again stressed our suggestions on procedure for Korean phase in conference Pyun informed Robertson later this afternoon he had just received urgent instructions [Page 342] from Rhee not to attend any restricted session Korea. Apparently Rhee has become very much upset by published accounts of the so-called Wan proposal which would provide for continued restricted meetings to consider Korean question. Pyun and Yang agree to our proposed procedure and are cabling Rhee requesting new instructions. They suggested that we inform you of situation to get your help in obtaining Rhee’s approval. We think it inadvisable inform Rhee of their suggestion to you.
Request you see Rhee soonest clarify purpose restricted meeting and plenary as outlined paragraphs one and three Secto 365, repeated information Seoul 110 and Tokyo 105,1 as well as Tedul 145, repeated information Seoul 970 and Tokyo 2658.2 In our view, purpose of restricted meeting and subsequent plenary would be to put question of UN authority directly to Communists and to conclude our participation in this conference on basis of UN issue as Secretary stated Tedul 145. Believe we should stress to Rhee this procedure is most effective way to put question to Communists and dramatize UN issue. USDel does not wish issue to become blurred or lost sight of and believes that strong moral and political victory can still be won over Communists and Allied unity maintained if all delegations united solidly behind above issue and conference procedure.
Revised schedule of Korean and Indochina meeting and reactions Allied delegations on Korean phase follows in subsequent telegrams.3
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  3. Not printed.