396.1 GE/5–2454: Telegram

The United States Delegation to the Embassy in Korea


98. Repeated information Department Secto 289, Tokyo 84. For Briggs.

Our position has improved on Korea as result ROK proposals. ROK Government and delegation in favorable and advantageous position vis-à-vis free world opinion and allied delegations here. However, USDel is concerned lest Rhee or ROK Government take any action reverse situation.
Suggest you let it be known to Rhee and ROK Government ROK proposals well received by allied delegations. They particularly appreciated change authorized by Rhee point 2. Following Pyun’s speech allied delegations viewed ROK proposals generally as useful constructive contribution to conference as basis discussion although still reserved on points 12 and 13. ROK proposals made front page most US Sunday papers with favorable comment.
Pyun’s proposals are entirely different from 6-point draft. He and ROK delegation drafted 14 points themselves. We had nothing to do with them. We repeatedly asked Pyun to withhold making them. Instead he went ahead and he rejected changes in 14 points except in point 2. Nevertheless, results better than we dared hope and we can now capitalize better situation than before.
Accordingly, USDel arranging for plenary Wednesday1 and will make strong statement fully supporting ROK proposals and urging their most serious consideration. Urging other delegations do [Page 317]same and now expect short statements from Turkey, Colombia, probably UK and others.2
  1. May 26. The plenary session was not held until Friday, May 28.
  2. Secretary Dulles responded to this message in telegram 851 to Geneva, May 24, 7:59 p.m., which read as follows:

    “For Under Secretary from Secretary. Your Secto 289. Share your satisfaction at ROK proposals and consequent better free world opinion. We plan exchange ratifications Korean Security Treaty Wednesday morning.” (396.1 GE/5–2454)

    The exchange of ratification, however, did not take place on May 26, but was delayed until Nov. 17, 1954. For related documentation, see volume xv. See also telegram 1247, May 26, from Seoul, p. 319.