396.1 GE/5–2254: Telegram

The United States Delegation to the Department of State


Secto 282. Priority Seoul 94; repeated information Tokyo 81. Department pass Defense. Seoul for Briggs and Dean. Tokyo pass CINCUNC.

Re Tosec 213 sent Seoul 932 repeated information Tokyo 2566:1 We feel Defense reconsideration of question total withdrawal before elections not desirable. In view third paragraph Seoul’s 108 to Geneva, repeated Department 1219 and Tokyo 726,2 we are uncertain this would further help persuade Rhee amend paragraph four or assist in getting ROK deletion in paragraph four reference to North Korean forces. Also see no need consider total simultaneous withdrawal both Chinese and UN forces before Communists give any evidence intention negotiate and agree on unification proposals acceptable to US. ROK and Allies.
Re Tosec 219, repeated Seoul 934 Tokyo 2571:3 Believe suggestion may be overtaken by events particularly after Pyun makes points 12 and 13 of his 14. Colombian representative suggested it in meeting of 16 today,4 but Pyun rejected it. USDel has been examining same idea paragraph two reference telegram for some time and has mentioned it informally to certain members other delegations. Consensus has been omission in presentation plenary any reference withdrawal would probably flag problem and likely Communists would focus attack on omission to sidestep issue UN and free elections. Generalized language such as Secto 2005 would deprive Communists this advantage. Most other delegations have mentioned withdrawal in plenary speeches. However, in view probable difficulty resolving impasse with Rhee despite great efforts Seoul, see no objections trying it out on Rhee in discretion Embassy. Conceivable Korean sessions might develop in [Page 310] such way desirable and possible 16 nations later present single final proposal minus withdrawal paragraph. Another possibility is later work out among 16 generalized substitute for Pyun’s points 12 and 13.
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  4. Reference is to the meeting of the 16 held on May 21; see telegram Secto 277. May 21, p. 304; there was no meeting on May 22.
  5. Same as telegram 74, May 13. from Geneva, p. 264.