396.1 GE/5–1254: Telegram

SmithEdenBidault Meeting, Geneva, May 12, Noon: The United States Delegation to the Department of State


Secto 182. Repeated information Seoul 68, Tokyo 50. Tokyo for CINCUNC. At meeting of heads of Big Three delegations this noon, General Smith explained futility of engaging in endless attempt to work out details of plan with Rhee when any solution we proposed must be based on authority of UN, which Molotov had yesterday categorically rejected. He explained why we should not press Rhee too hard, including need for Congressional support on Indochina. He also mentioned possibility of suggesting, in restricted meeting of seven, regrouping of Chinese and UN forces prior to elections. We had reached an impasse and there would be no communist concessions. Pyun was right that North Korea had become a Chinese province. It had gone and we were not going to fight global war for it. Issue should be joined on whether or not communists would accept UN authority.

Eden said he wanted to speak next plenary in reply to Molotov and particularly to discuss question of where freedom was found in Asia. He would also like to speak on principles. It was agreed that Bidault would speak first in general terms, that Eden would then follow up with statement of principles and that Asian representative, presumably Philippines, would if possible obtain 16 agreement present specific proposal on principles. Smith suggested it be put to communists on [Page 258] basis that if they accepted, there would be further discussion in restricted sessions, otherwise, there would seem to be no further point in continuing Korean discussion.