795.00/5–1154: Telegram

The Ambassador in Korea ( Briggs ) to the Department of State


1169. Repeated information Tokyo 694, USDel Geneva priority 76. Tokyo pass CINCUNC. For Secretary and Smith from Dean. Re Department’s [Page 254] 909.1 Proposed addition to VIII draft plan B would, of course, give UNCURK supervision or right to make recommendations with respect disposition of ROK Forces in South Korea as well as Korean Communist Forces North Korea which may annoy Rhee but may be useful. Believe we have germ of good idea. For example, suppose to offset proposed surrender North Korean Army we suggest Pyun that Communists or neutrals will demand liquidation ROK Army or neutralization Korea and exceedingly dangerous their future position as government for them to demand complete withdrawal Chinese and surrender Korean Communists before elections. Instead of putting onus on Communists at Geneva such a demand might pin aggressor label on Rhee and might be very difficult for us to continue give ROK Army present generous support.

Might also tell Pyun we very disturbed about withdrawal Cho’s candidacy and arrest members opposition for criticizing chief executive.

  1. Same as telegram Tosec 124, May 10, p. 243.