795.00/5–1054: Telegram

The Ambassador in Korea ( Briggs ) to the Department of State


1145. Repeated information Tokyo 679, priority Geneva 68 for USDel. Tokyo pass CINCUNC. Reference Geneva 60.1 While we believe Plan B best practical under all circumstances and have done level best to sell it, cannot it also be attacked as ridiculous and untenable position to suggest or support by persons hostile to our position.

Consider following questions and answers. (1) Question. How do we unite Korea? Answer. By getting Chinese Communist armies to withdraw some 60 miles across Yalu while leaving well-staffed, well-organized, well-equipped North Korean Communist army behind which will be kept in order by UNCURK clerical staff. (2) Question. How will elections be made genuinely free with this large Communist army in North Korea which can threaten and intimidate the populace? Answer. Because UNCURK says they are to be. (3) Question. If we have such free elections and unite North and South Korea, how do we get North Korean Communist army to disband so that the Republic of Korea can govern the unified country and so its commands will be obeyed? Answer. After elections UNCURK politely asks North Korean Communist army to leave or to surrender.

  1. Same as telegram Secto 156, May 9, p. 236.