795B.00/5–854: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Korea1


902. Seoul’s 1137 repeated Geneva 62, Tokyo 672.2 Appreciate herculean efforts put forth endeavor persuade Rhee accept Plan B [Page 235] and doubt but leave your discretion whether or not desirable press him further just now.

However re proposed statement recognize great difficulty persuading our allies adopt modification Plan “B” which would call for withdrawal or surrender North Korean Army. In addition Defense which has not yet received CINCUNC’s comments is not willing accept total withdrawal all non-Korean forces before elections. Consequently do not see how we can say proposed statement is satisfactory US Government. If Delegation Geneva believes possible our allies would accept proposed statement or some suitable variation as basis introduction appropriately modified Plan B and recommends we do so Department will again query Defense re possible acceptance from military viewpoint of total withdrawal before elections. However believe consideration might also be given alternative course of action proposed Department’s Tosec 97 repeated Seoul 899 and Tokyo 2455.3 Desire Geneva and Seoul comments.

  1. Also sent to Geneva as telegram Tosec 107 and to Tokyo as telegram 2465 with instructions to pass it to CINCUNC.
  2. Supra. Because of the time difference between Seoul and Washington, telegram 1137 was received in the Department of State at 8:31 a.m. on May 8.
  3. Dated May 7, p. 224.