396.1 GE/5–854: Telegram

The United States Delegation to the Department of State


Secto 150. Repeated information Seoul 59, Tokyo 32, Hong Kong 9. Tokyo pass CINCUNC. In Chinese Communist press conference following May 7 plenary spokesman Huang Hua reacted sharply to three speeches, particularly with respect to speakers attacks on Chinese Communist denunciation UN role in Korea. Reiterating Chou En-lai’s charge UN belligerent in Korea and its resolutions illegal, Huang [Page 232] equated idea UN supervision Korean elections with supervision by “US occupation forces”.

Referring Webb’s comments on inconsistency Chou attack on UN activities Korea and Peiping demands admission UN, Huang praised UN Charter and professed desire uphold UN prestige. He quoted as saying:1

“We consider UN Charter good one leading to establishment peace and security.… China is one of sponsors UN. Tung Pi-wu, official PRC, was one of signatories.… it is precisely for purpose of upholding prestige UN that illegal resolutions adopted in past should be eliminated.… it was also because these illegal resolutions could not carry UN any further that Geneva Conference was arranged through other quarters.… after Chiang, who was kept and supported by US, was thrown out and Chinese people had chosen government of its own—PRC—it is natural that this government should secure its rightful position UN.”

Comment: While Huang’s charges against UN role in Korea follow familiar pattern, there is possibility his statement designed hint Communists will agree UN supervised elections provided Peiping admitted UN. This possibility indicated by (a) alleged support UN Charter; (b) claim Peiping regime (through Tung Pi-wo) somehow responsible for charter; (c) implication UN resolutions though illegal in past could be legal in future provided Peiping regime in UN; (d) claim that convening of Geneva Conference demonstrates UN impotent (in absence Peiping membership) deal matters such as Korea and Indochina; (e) equating UN supervision with supervision “US occupation forces,” leaving door open to acceptance provided US troops withdraw and Peiping admitted UN.

While Huang statements may have simply been effort offset telling points made by speakers in plenary session, they highlight danger of Communist maneuver gain admittance UN by accepting principle UN election supervision as quid pro quo. Perhaps greatest deterrent Communist making such counter-proposal would be necessity abandonment principle elections held only under supervision North Korean ROK Commission with both parties represented equal footing. But whether Communists actually make counter-proposal or not continued emphasis by 16 on UN responsibility Korean settlement does involve danger Chinese Communists countering at least with strong implication they agreeable so long as Peiping is member. Countries recognizing Peiping might be receptive such appeal even though it would be case UN performance in return Communist promise.

  1. The ellipses in the quoted paragraph are in the source text.