396.1 GE/5–454: Telegram

The United States Delegation to the Embassy in Korea


39. Repeated information Department Secto 101. For Briggs and Dean. Appreciate your 38,1 402 and 41.3 With reference 40, will transmit comments soonest. With reference penultimate paragraph your 41, we do not think Communists will accept in view of unequivocal statements of Nam Il, Molotov and Chou En-lai. However it is essential that if and when conference fails that US-ROK proposals upon which it breaks enjoy full support not only of 16 nations but of free world opinion. This is not a question of conference tactics but of maintenance of unqualified US public opinion as well as other free world support for ROK in future.

With reference Rhee’s second question, we are prepared to stand firm on basic principles embodied this proposal.

Plenary sessions have been suspended until Friday, May 7. Highly important that by that date ROKs, US and others of sixteen have agreed upon formal proposal embodying plan B.

Pyun saw General Smith today (at his request with no one else present). Stated he had received instructions from Rhee to effect that all-Korean [Page 202] elections could only be accepted if approved by plebiscite. Important Pyun receive instructions which will permit him cooperate with us in working out details proposal along lines plan B.

  1. Dated May 3, p. 191.
  2. Same as telegram 1108, May 4, p. 194.
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