396.1 GE/7–2154

Declaration by the Royal Government of Laos (Reference: Article 3 of the Final Declaration)1

IC/45 Rev. 1

The Royal Government of Laos,

In the desire to ensure harmony and agreement among the peoples of the Kingdom,

Declares itself resolved to take the necessary measures to integrate all citizens, without discrimination, into the national community and [Page 1543] to guarantee them the enjoyment of the rights and freedoms for which the Constitution of the Kingdom provides;

Affirms that all Laotian citizens may freely participate as electors or candidates in general elections by secret ballot;

Announces, furthermore, that it will promulgate measures to provide for special representation in the Royal Administration of the provinces of Phang Saly and Sam Neua during the interval between the cessation of hostilities and the general elections of the interests of Laotian nationals who did not support the Royal forces during hostilities.

  1. This declaration was also printed in Cmd. 9239, p. 41 and in Conférence de Genève, p. 461.