751G.00/7–2154: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Delegation 1


Tosec 597. For Phleger from Cowles. Secretary has asked for our legal opinion as to what extent Geneva agreement may impose inhibitions [Page 1504] and restrictions on the Associated States. He has asked particularly how we can (a) protect Laos, Cambodia and retained Vietnam through SEATO against external aggression and assist them to prevent internal subversion and (b) bring them into some form of military or economic association with SEATO.

Secretary thinks that what we can do in these respects will depend to a considerable extent on the legal interpretations which France, UK and Associated States place on the agreements reached at Geneva, in light of their discussions and negotiations of these agreements. I would very much like to have your comments on these points either by cable or in person if you plan be back by end of week.2

  1. Drafted by O’Connor of S.
  2. The reply to the Secretary’s request was contained in two memoranda—one, dated July 22, prepared by Meeker of L/UNA; the other, dated July 27, also prepared by Meeker, was sent by Phleger of L to the Secretary of State. The memorandum of July 22, which contains a handwritten notation on the source text that the Secretary of State saw it, is filed in Conference files, lot 60 D 627, CF 329. For the memorandum from Phleger to the Secretary, which also contains a handwritten notation on the source text that the Secretary saw it, see p. 1552.