396.1 GE/7–2054: Telegram

The United States Delegation to the Department of State


Secto 681. Repeated information priority Paris 111, Saigon 80. Chauvel told Johnson this morning that Laotian problem seemed on way to settlement along lines of temporary regrouping for short period resistance forces in areas close to where they are now located. Upon [Page 1473] entering such regroupment areas, members resistance forces would be given choice of laying down arms and returning to civilian life or proceeding to two regroupment areas located in two northeast provinces, there being one regroupment center in each province. Resistance forces would have no territorial authority in either province, right of full administration being retained by Royal Government, but resistance forces would appoint representative deal in their behalf with Royal authorities pending their integration into Royal Army.

Chauvel stated all but two or three small points text of armistice in Vietnam agreed.

French say Cambodians have been very difficult to work with, refusing accept French or other assistance in preparing armistice draft and naving produced very unworkable document. This confirmed by members USDel. Late last night Cambodians finally accepted French assistance, and workable draft was produced early hours this morning. As of this morning they were waiting to get together with Viet Minh.

At meeting between Dong and Mendes-France late last night Mendes-France accepted June, 1956, as latest date elections would be held in Vietnam.

Chinese have offered, and Dong has confirmed, demarcation line 10 kilometers north of RC 9. French have not accepted and are trying obtain something better. Chinese and Viet Minh have also offered 245 days for completion regroupment, but French have not accepted and are also trying to improve.