320/10–1951: Telegram

The Ambassador in the United Kingdom (Gifford) to the Secretary of State


1943. In conv with Allen1 today we enquired re UK attitude Moroccan question. Allen replied FonOff feels it must support French in their efforts keep item off GA agenda and has assured Fr of UK support in this effort.

[Page 144]

We outlined US views as contained Deptel 2010 Oct 13,2 stressing our doubts re desirability and likelihood success preventing inclusion item on agenda. Allen indicated that UK was not as gloomy as we are re prospects preventing consideration of question. He thought in all probability Fr cld obtain considerable support from LA states and that this together with western European votes cld carry day. He recognized, however, that this was type of question on which it was very hard anticipate how LA states wld vote. He then went on to say that he felt the question of whether or not item included on agenda was of secondary importance to that of assuring that US, UK and Fr spoke with one voice on this question. UK hoped very much sitn wld not develop which wld result in any split among us. He felt sure that if US cld persuade Fr to inclusion item on agenda UK wld have no objection and wld be glad follow suit.

Allen said foregoing was as far as UK thinking has gone at present and that it has not made up its mind as to what its position will be on substantive problems in event item is placed on agenda.

Sent Dept 1943; rptd info Paris 775.

  1. Roger Allen, Head of African Department, British Foreign Office.
  2. Same as telegram 2198 to Paris, October 13, p. 137.