320/10–1551: Telegram

The Chargé in France (Bonsal) to the Secretary of State


2200. Deptel 2198, October 13, rptd London 2010 USUN 202.

I have just made detailed exposition to La Tournelle1 of Department’s position on Moroccan question and GA agenda. La Tournelle took careful notes and stated he understands that position thoroughly. He said it would be immediately conveyed to Schuman and matter [Page 140] would presumably be discussed by cabinet since decision as to ultimate Fr position could only be taken at cabinet level. La Tournelle also commented that possibility of successful approach by Fr to Egyptians to secure either withdrawal or adjournment seemed slim.

My personal opinion is that Fr Govt is in most delicate pol position in this matter and that it will be difficult for it to reach a conclusion in line with the eminently reasonable position set forth in reftel. I plan to incorporate this position in aide-mémoire and assume it will be furnished in writing also to Fr Emb Wash and to Lacoste as reply to Fr aide-mémoire2 which La Tournelle understands was delivered by Bonnet. I venture suggestion that if we could offer to make some statement of solidarity with substance of Fr position at time of possible Fr acceptance of inclusion of item on agenda this might facilitate Fr acceptance our position. I have not raised this possibility with La Tournelle.

Sent Dept 2200; rptd info London 546. Please pass USUN New York.

  1. Guy de La Tournelle, Director General, Political and Economic Affairs, French Ministry for Foreign Affairs.
  2. Refers to French Embassy Note No. 565 of October 9; see footnote 4, p. 136.