Memorandum of Telephone Conversation, by the Officer in Charge of North and West Coast Affairs (Bernbaum)


Subject: Invitation to Col. Pérez Jiménez, Venezuelan Chief of Defense and Member of the Military Junta to visit the United States; Venezuela’s place in the Military Grant Aid Program

Participants: Honorable Fletcher Warren, Ambassador, Caracas
Maurice M. Bernbaum, Officer in Charge, NWC

Ambassador Warren telephoned me at home yesterday afternoon to state that he had thus far been unable to see Col. Pérez Jiménez in compliance with the Department’s telegraphic instruction No. 243 of Dec. 14, 1951.1 (He was then instructed to take advantage of the opportunity afforded by a Defense invitation to Col. Pérez Jiménez to visit the United States to discuss with him our military grant aid program in a general way.) Ambassador Warren stated that after repeated attempts during the past two weeks to arrange an appointment with Col. Pérez Jiménez he had finally requested the assistance of the Foreign Office which had informed him the day before that it would as certain “whether and when” Col. Pérez Jiménez would be able to see him. An attempt to speak with Col. Pérez Jiménez this morning during the traditional New Year’s reception was also unsuccessful.

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Ambassador Warren stated that he had telephoned for the purpose of letting the Department of State and the Department of Defense know that the Embassy was continuing in its efforts to get in touch with Col. Pérez Jiménez and that he hoped for results within a few days.

The conversation was carried on in such a manner as to conceal its subject matter.


These difficulties experienced by Ambassador Warren in seeing Col. Pérez Jiménez follow previous indications of the reluctance of the Venezuelan military authorities to renew staff conversations with General Morris which had been initiated last March in Panama. They indicate the possibility of hitherto unrevealed Venezuelan reservations regarding a military relationship with the United States.

  1. Not printed.