919.537/8–851: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Panama


92. Dept appreciates efforts Pan Govt cooperate with UNGA Res May 18 concerning embargo on war materials to areas under control Chi Communists and North Koreans re Embtel 107 Aug 61 and 116 Aug 8.1 Dept believes Pan Govt as result Emb actions fully aware views this Govt on importance this issue and on need for effective measures. Dept has been hopeful Pan Govt could find way to take action in line Alfaro views urtel 95 Aug 3.1 Apart from uncertain legal basis for action which cannot be fully appraised here Dept considers decision whether Pan Govt has authority to issue decree or must seek further authority from Natl Assembly is of course a matter which Pan officials must determine for themselves. In latter event, Pan Govt might consider it desirable continue meanwhile handling shipping controls on present individual basis until appropriate legal authority obtained.

Dept believes Emb shld avoid action beyond informally stressing our objectives and shld not be in position urging specific terms of decree.

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