493.009/6–451: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the Embassy in Panama


398. UNGA Res of May 181 re embargo on shipments of strategic materials to Chi Commie and North Korean aggressors recommends that every state apply controls to give effect to embargo and prevent by all means within its jurisdiction circumvention of controls on shipments applied by other states pursuant to Res. We believe this language warrants application of appropriate controls by cooperating states on shipping under their flags, designed to prohibit carriage of items falling within embargo and destined for Chi Commies and North Koreans.

Pls sug to FonOff that it wld be most helpful if, in submitting first Pan report to UN AMC due June 18, Pan cld state that it had taken or wld take action to apply such controls over cargoes carried Pan registry ships. We understand Pans have withdrawn protection from Pan shipping engaging in prohibited operations. If penalties cld now be instituted (See U.S. T–1) these steps wld make excellent impression in US and UN; wld avoid unfavorable publicity re circumvention of UN embargo thru use Pan flag shipping; and, most important, wld tend to increase effectiveness of embargo thus contributing [Page 1552] to UN effort to meet aggression in Korea. Having in mind generous offer Pan Govt make available Pan shipping for UN use in connection collective action Korea, Pan Govt may wish consider further step of advice to all ships flying Pan flag that registration will be withdrawn if calls made at Chi Commie or North Korean ports. While such action wld admittedly go beyond May 18 UNGA Res, it wld parallel action taken by Hond Govt on its own initiative last Dec respect its merchant marine. It wld also seem comparable US Govt action last Dec forbidding US registry ships call at Chi Commie and North Korean ports.

Pls consult FonOff and refer to Dept questions Pans may raise.

  1. For the text of Resolution No. 500 (V), entitled “Additional Measures to be employed to meet the aggression in Korea,” see United Nations, Official Records of the General Assembly, Fifth Session, Resolutions Adopted by the General Assembly during the period from 16 December 1950 to 5 November 1951, Supplement No. 20A, p. 2. For documentation on this subject, see volume vii.