The Acting Chief of the Lend-Lease and Surplus Property Staff (Meigs) to the Chief of the Division of Investments, Bureau of Accounts, Treasury Department (Barnes)


My Dear Mr. Barnes: There are being transmitted to the Treasury Department, Division of Investments, by this Department, two remittances aggregating $335,329.46 for credit to the Cuban lend-lease accounts on your books. One of these is a draft on the National City Bank of New York by its Habana branch, payable to the Treasurer of the United States in the sum of $214,988.04;1 the other, in the sum of $120,341.42, represents a transfer of a credit accruing to Cuba as the result of the completion of accounting on certain interim arms program contracts.

The total residual lend-lease indebtedness of Cuba is $335,329.46 as follows:

Balance due under “treaty” terms $300,767.23
Balance due on “cash” account 34,562.23

Therefore, the completion of these credit transactions will fully liquidate the monetary responsibility of the Government of Cuba under the Lend-Lease Agreement of November 7, 1941.2

Your confirmation will be appreciated.

Sincerely yours,

Carroll M. Meigs
  1. A check to this amount from the Cuban Government was delivered by Ambassador Machado to Secretary Acheson at the Department of State on April 27 (737.56/4–2751).
  2. For text of the United States-Cuba Lend-Lease Agreement, signed at Washington, November 7, 1941, and entered into force on the same date, see Foreign Relations, 1941, vol. vii, p. 122.