Editorial Note

On December 21, 1951, Secretary Acheson wrote to Secretary of Defense Lovett suggesting that in view of the probable forthcoming discussions with Brazil aimed at reaching a bilateral military assistance agreement in conformity with the provisions of the Mutual Security Act of 1951 (65 Stat. 373), it would be appropriate for the Departments of Defense and State to review the 1942 military agreement for possible revision, inasmuch as Brazil might raise that question during the discussions. There was enclosed with the Secretary’s letter a detailed “Study on United States–Brazil Political-Military Relations”, prepared in the Department of State. The letter and its enclosure, which were not declassified in time for publication, are filed under Department of State decimal number 732.5–MSP/12–2151.

In telegram 812, from Bio de Janeiro, dated December 27, 1951, Ambassador Johnson informed the Secretary that the Brazilian Government agreed to participate in conversations looking toward a bilateral military assistance agreement. (732.5–MSP/12–2751) The conversations began on January 2, 1952, without any agreement having been reached between the Departments of State and Defense concerning revision of the 1942 military agreement.