Editorial Note

The Second Extraordinary Meeting of the Inter-American Economic and Social Council of the Organization of American States [Page 1066] was held at Panama City, Panama, August 20–30, 1951. Assistant Secretary Miller served as Chairman of the United States delegation. The agenda of the meeting included the subject of more effective contributions by member states to the technical cooperation program of the OAS. In his report on the results of the meeting, which was attached to a memorandum by Mr. Bohan to the Secretary of State, dated November 20, 1951, Mr. Miller stated in part the following: “While the discussion on financing was thorough and brought out forcefully the obligation of all countries to support the Program financially, and although Argentina and Chile said they were taking action to make their payments, there is some doubt that actual payments will be forthcoming immediately.” Mr. Miller also commented that the meeting “may be considered a success from the United States point of view since we were able to support all the decisions taken … [and] because of the practically unanimous agreement reached on all agenda items.” (365/11–2051) Additional pertinent documents relating to the meeting are in Department of State decimal file 365 and Lot 60 D 665. For further information, the text of committee reports and resolutions adopted by the meeting, see Annals of the Organization of American States (Washington, 1951), volume 2, pages 366–382. For the text of Mr. Miller’s address concerning hemispheric economic problems delivered to the plenary session of the meeting on August 28, see Department of State Bulletin, September 17, 1951, pages 475–478.