Under Secretary’s Meetings, Lot 53 D 2501

Notes of the under Secretary’s Meeting, Department of State, 10:15 a.m., April 6, 1951 2

UM N–328

[Here follow a list of those present (20) and discussion of matters unrelated to the Meeting of Consultation.]

Inter-American Foreign Ministers Meeting

9. Mr. Miller reported that the Inter-American Foreign Ministers Meeting has been concluded and has surpassed all expectations. There are several reasons why this meeting was a success. We were very well prepared and everyone in the Department, as well as the entire Government, cooperated extremely well. Mr. Thorp did an outstanding job on the economic problems and got everything that we were after and still maintained good-will. The other agencies worked very closely with us and our relations with Defense were extremely good. We hope to get greater support for our operations in Korea. Our general attitude of restraint and modesty was a good one and was appreciated. The Secretary’s active participation in committee and subcommittee meetings was a great personal contribution.

10. Mr. Thorp reported that the economic phase of this conference was partly a defensive operation. We got what we wanted out of the conference, which was an agreement that production should be expanded, especially the production of raw materials. Also we got agreement on cooperation for economic defense. We gave assurances of a fair deal on priorities and prices. With respect to prices, we agreed that there would always be an opportunity for consultation on prices and if possible this consultation would take place in advance. We also agreed to study the possibilities of stabilizing foreign exchanges. When the question of parity on industrial products was raised, we agreed that in giving consideration to prices we would consider raw material and manufactured prices.

11. Mr. Thorp pointed out that we have only one reservation in signing the final act. Two resolutions regarding improvements of conditions of American workers were passed. The resolutions, in effect, called for carrying out the Bogotá agreement regarding social guarantees. We reserved at the time of the Bogotá agreement and we will hold to the same reservations now. We must do this since some of the guarantees are in conflict with the ILO agreement.

  1. Master file of records of meetings, documents, summaries, and agenda of the Under Secretary’s Meetings for the years 1949–1952, as maintained by the Executive Secretariat.
  2. The Under Secretary’s Meeting convened weekly; it was customarily attended by the Deputy Under Secretaries of State, Assistant Secretaries of State, and certain office directors. Under Secretary of State James E. Webb presided at these meetings.