320/12–451: Telegram

The United States Representative at the United Nations (Austin) to the Secretary of State


502. Subject: SC elections—further developments since Delga 459, Dec 1. On Dec 3, Gross and Bonsal explained to Maurice Schumann US position along general lines of circular 500, and latter agreed to take question up FonMin.

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Holmes now advises us that UK decision has been made and instructions have been sent to UK del to vote for Byelo. Holmes advises Gifford will raise question with Eden Dec 5.

Reaction of Congressional members USGA del when informed of UK position was very strong, Cong Vorys1 indicating his serious concern over effect on UK assistance program. Dept may wish to explain to Brit Amb serious view we take.

Jebb advises us that he late this afternoon reed info … from French that latter had made firm decision to vote for Byelo. In addition, Jebb has learned from Norwegian sources that the 4 Scandinavian countries will vote for Byelo as well as Neth, while Belg is still undecided. Luxembourg will vote for Greece. Jebb also has info that Afghan, Pak, Iran, Burma and Indo will vote for Byelo.

UK del instructions are not to lobby for Byelo and to notify their decision only to French, US, Dominions, Greece and Soviet Union.

  1. Representative John M. Vorys, member of the United States Delegation to the General Assembly.