Memorandum by the Minister of Embassy in Canada (Bliss) to the Ambassador in Canada (Woodward)

Subject: Pearson’s Speeches.

Haselton has informed me by telephone that Tony Satterthwaite1 proposes to telephone you tomorrow regarding the United States reaction to Pearson’s speeches on the subject of relationship between Canada and the United States. It appears that Pearson’s statements have received considerable attention in the Department of State at the Assistant Secretary level, even at the time when the MacArthur affair2 might have been expected to monopolize attention.

[Page 884]

Tony appears to think it desirable to let Pearson know that his views have been carefully noted in the State Department, have been widely discussed, and have received careful attention. He does not propose that you argue the matter with Pearson or give him the impression that we are unduly concerned. However, it might contribute to a more friendly attitude if you could convey to Pearson, in a joshing manner, the impression that his viewpoint has received full attention in the State Department.

  1. Livingston Satterthwaite, Deputy Director, Office of British Commonwealth and Northern European Affairs.
  2. On April 11, General of the Army Douglas MacArthur was relieved of his command of United States Army forces in the Far East and United Nations forces in Korea. For documentation on this subject, see volume vii.