Editorial Note

For the proceedings of the Ad Hoc Political Committee on this question, on December 20 and 21, 1951 and January 2–5, 1952, see United Nations, Official Records of the General Assembly, Sixth Session, Ad Hoc Political Committee, pages 152–162 and pages 163–174, respectively. For the proceedings of the General Assembly on this matter on January 12, 1952, see GA (VI), Plenary, pages 327–331. Appropriate documentation is found in GA (VI), Annexes, fascicule for agenda item 25.

The resolution adopted by the General Assembly on January 12, 1952 recommended the establishment of a commission of three members for the purpose of assisting the parties engaged in the controversy (India, Pakistan, and the Union of South Africa) “in carrying through appropriate negotiations.” The resolution also outlined means for implementing this procedure. For text of the resolution, Resolution 511 (VI), see GA (VI), Resolutions, page 11.