320/1–252: Telegram

The Acting Chairman of the United States Delegation to the General Assembly (Roosevelt) to the Secretary of State


Delga 823. Re Indians in South Africa. Nehru and Haksar (Ind del)1 approached Miss Strauss this morning and advised her Ind Govt favors suggestion made in her speech for appointment of neutral individual on understanding this suggestion wld be incorporated as addition to five-power draft res (Delga 754 Dec 20). Fischer (Israeli del)2 who joined conversation also indicated strong interest in US suggestion.

Miss Strauss indicated we have assumed that since our suggestion has received favorable reaction from several speakers in comite some others dels wld submit appropriate formal proposal. On basis conversation fol para was prepared to be inserted as new numbered para 3 of five-power res: “Requests the SYG in event that members of comm have not been nominated in accordance with preceding para, to lend his assistance to govts concerned in case such assistance appears helpful in initiating discussions between them with view to carrying through appropriate negotiations; and in his discretion after consulting govts concerned to appoint individual who wld be available to render such assistance.”

Nehru and Fischer then agreed that latter will approach some LA dels such as Uruguay and request them to formally propose above para as amendment.

Re last para Gadel 562, we have repeatedly raised matter of UK initiative with UK del but were given clearly understand UK del unwilling take initiative.

  1. Respectively, R. K. Nehru, Alternate Representative on the Delegation of India to the General Assembly, and P. N. Haksar, Adviser to the Indian Delegation.
  2. Maurice Fischer, Israeli Minister to France.