320/12–1351: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Representative at the United Nations ( Austin )1


Gadel 442. You will have noted serious implications re So Afr participation UN raised by Forsyth, Secretary So Afr External Affairs, [Page 853] reported Pretoria’s 155, Dec 6,2 rptd Paris for USDel. It shld be borne in mind Forsyth is a Moderate or as he put it an “internationalist” of which there are few in Union.

Dept has long felt So Afr threats withdraw UN not entirely empty. How much they will continue to take is entirely speculative but Dept believes there is a limit beyond which they will not go. Last year’s Indian Res for which US voted was strongest passed to date. This year’s Res South West [Africa], which US co-sponsored, although right, is very strong. Shld this be followed by another strong Indian Res, serious results might ensue.

US interests So Afr, on which Arneson can give Del info, of great importance and require maintenance close and good relations with Union Govt.

In light above considerations Del requested exert every effort create and maintain Indian discussion this year in as friendly and quiet atmosphere as possible and attempt keep Res as mild as possible. US Del shld not support any Res tougher or going beyond last year’s strong resolution.

  1. Repeated for information to Pretoria as 127.
  2. See p. 705. The whole question of South African participation in the United Nations had been raised by General Assembly (or Fourth Committee) consideration of the South West Africa question; for documentation on this subject, see pp. 673 ff.