320/11–1651: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the United States Representative at the United Nations (Austin)1


Gadel 2 175. Re question South West Africa Dept has reached fol conclusions on procedural aspects, particularly pros and cons continuation Ad Hoc Cmte (ref London despatch 1826 October 18, 1951):3

If Union South Africa replies to Cmte accepting offer continue consultations on basis of “substance of Cmtes counter-proposal” Del shld work actively to have Cmte continued or reconstituted for this purpose.
If Union indicates general willingness continue consultations, without specifying its proposal or Cmte’s counter-proposal as basis, Dept believes Del shld support continuation or reconstitution of Cmte, provided Del convinced such action represents an encouraging substantive change of position on part of Union.
If in reply to Cmte Union repeats statement of willingness continue consultations on basis Union’s proposals, Dept sees no usefulness in continuation Cmte these circumstances. In this case Del shld not vote for continuation or reconstitution Cmte unless majority of Fourth Cmte favors this course.
If Union makes no reply to Cmte, Dept considers Del shld support continuation or reconstitution of Cmte only if majority support appears likely.

With regard question re-establishing Cmte with broader terms ref which wld enable it consider Union proposal, possibility raised by Jooste with Hickerson (see memo conversation October 18, 1951), Dept sees no reason alter view expressed by Hickerson that such course of doubtful feasibility and believes Del shld not favor unless likely receive majority support in Fourth Cmte.

  1. Repeated for information to London as 2554 and Pretoria as 111.
  2. The Gadel series was directed to the United States Delegation to the General Assembly, in Paris, November 6, 1951–February 5, 1952.
  3. Not printed.