320/11–151: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in the Netherlands 1


601. Fol are comments on reasons advanced by FonOff to justify present Neth inclination support Sov satel for election SC (urtel 432 Nov 1).

Gentlemen’s agreement with USSR re SC seats was not made at Yalta or Frisco 1945 but in London and it was in our view clearly limited to allocation SC seats in first 1946 election.

While same representation other areas as that which applied for 1946 can still be justified on basis support UN activities, numbers, or contributions, allocation of one non-permanent seat to Sov bloc of five, already represented by USSR, cannot now be justified on any these grounds.

We do not believe support for non-Cominform candidate to succeed Yugo wld be as provocative as election Yugo 1949. In last two yrs Cominform states have done nothing justify increase their representation.

Pls stress to FonOff that we regard maintenance satis majority SC highly important for free world in troubled yrs which lie ahead.

[Page 92]

Pls suggest that Neth Del consult USDel Paris re above points since we wld like Neth be aware solid reasons for our view and wld appreciate full consideration those reasons.

  1. Repeated for information to Paris as Gadel 54.