Editorial Note

For the proceedings of the Fourth Committee on November 26, see GA (VI), Fourth Committee, pages 55 ff.

[Page 673]

At the outset of the meeting the chairman, Henriquez Ureña, made a short statement regarding Committee procedure and his conduct of the Committee’s business as chairman. He announced that he would “continue to conduct the meetings as he had previously, in other words, he would remind speakers to confine their remarks to essential points and to deal with political questions only if they were related to economic problems. He was not making a ruling.” (GA (VI), Fourth Committee, page 55) The Iraqi delegate, immediately following, “appreciated the statement just made by the Chairman; it contained, he felt, the substance of what his delegation wished to say in its draft resolution. For that reason, while he did not withdraw that proposal, he did not want it put to a vote for the time being.” (Ibid.)

The United States delegate (Tobias) made a short statement, which, however, was directed more to remarks made by certain delegates of the Soviet bloc (ibid., page 62).