320/10–3151: Telegram

The Chargé in Belgium ( Millard ) to the Secretary of State


611. Fol info obtained from FonOff re certain UNGA issues. FonOff has up to now been reluctant to discuss Belgian position on various agenda items, preferring to await results of mtg Brussels pact [Page 90] powers at London Oct 25–26. Apparent now that this meeting had been influential in establishing Belgian policies, and FonOff has promised provide Emb with Belgian views additional issues not covered here.

1. Vice President GA. London mtg unanimously favored Yugoslavia.

2. SC seat being vacated by Yugoslavia. At London mtg Belgium alone favored our position of keeping seat in hands of country outside Commie orbit. Strongest stand taken by Dutch who favor Czechs getting seat. In discussion this subject, Dutch claimed Yugoslavia got seat while still within Soviet orbit (sic) and Belgian proof to contrary did nothing to shake Dutch stand that Yugoslavia seat must be returned to Soviet orbit. This principle supported by French, who favored Poles for seat, and by British, who made reservation that UK FonOff attitude might be altered if govt changed by election. Luxembourg rep said little and sided with majority on this and most other questions. Result of discussion this question was that Dutch, French and Luxembourg expressed desire to see seat returned to Soviet orbit. British held same view subject to decision new govt, and Belgians wld decide their attitude after consideration within FonOff. Not yet clear whether Belgium will change original position, but Delhayes, Belgium FonOff head of UN section, who was Belgian rep at London mtg, said that he had argued there that it must be anticipated that eventually Red China will obtain UN seat, and that for Commies to control two permanent and one other seat in UN SC was too much. Attitude of British, French and Dutch was that returning to Soviets the SC seat which had been taken from orbit in 1949 was cheap method promoting better relations and might stimulate Commies to adopt more reasonable attitudes on controversial matters. (Note: Info on strong Dutch stand was obtained from Delhayes assistance in FonOff; Delhayes carefully avoided identifying Dutch as leading advocate for return of seats to Soviet orbit.)

3. London meeting unanimously favored Lange1 of Norway for chairman first comite.

4. While London meeting favored Padilla Nervo for GA presidency, it was noted that there was as yet no decision by Latin American states as to which candidate wld receive united support, and London mtg decided to wait and see if there are further developments among Latin Americans themselves. Santa Cruz2 also considered well qualified for job.

5. Belgian FonOff anticipates long GA session.

Sent Dept 611, rptd info Paris 131 (for USUN).


  1. Halvard M. Lange, Norwegian Minister for Foreign Affairs.
  2. Hernan Santa Cruz, Permanent Representative of Chile to the United Nations.