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Discussion Brief (Rev. 1) for Bilateral Talks on Colonial Policy To Be Held at London and Paris (Agenda Item IV (b)7)


Item IV, (b), 7: Italian Participation in the Trusteeship Council.

I. Problem: To determine United States position on question posed by TC resolution requesting GA include on agenda 6th Session matter of “the full participation of Italy in the work of the TC.” Italy falls short of “full participation” only by lack of right to vote, a right presently restricted to Members of UN.

II. Recommended United States Position:

A. U.S. considers Italy could acquire right to vote in TC only through:

admission to membership in UN
amendment to Article 86 of Charter

B. U.S. has supported and will continue to support admission of Italy to membership in UN. (Note: The possibility of resubmitting Italy’s application to the Security Council as a special case on the basis of her special responsibilities as the administering authority of a trust territory is, as of the date of this paper, being discussed by the U.S., U.K., and French Missions in New York.)

C. U.S. considers adopting of amendment to Article 86 of Charter would be at least as difficult to achieve as admission of Italy to membership in UN, since amendment would also require approval of all permanent Members of Security Council; moreover it would appear to be far less satisfactory to Italy. However, if Italy is not admitted to membership in the UN, we would be prepared to vote for amendment to Article 86, if Italy desires.

D. U.S. would welcome views of UK [France]1 on possibilities of achieving “full participation” of Italy in TC by either of above means, or by any other means.

  1. Brackets in the source text.