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Discussion Brief for Bilateral Talks on Colonial Policy To Be Held at London and Paris (Agenda Item IV (b) 4)


Item IV, (b) 4—Actions arising out of GA Resolution 436(V) (information on the implementation of Trusteeship Council and General resolutions relating to trust territories)

I. Problem: To determine position of U.S. on question of implementation of TC and GA recommendations relating to trusteeship and trust territories. [Non-administering Members are increasingly pressing for more prompt and complete implementation of GA and TC recommendations and for recognition of obligatory character such recommendations, also increased insistence on reports from Administering Authorities on implemental action.]1

II. Recommended united States Position:

A. U.S. should take position consonant with general UN policy, i.e., that although UN recommendations do not have force of law, every effort should be made to carry them into effect.

B. In view U.S. policy strengthen GA and respect for its actions, U.S. should seek to avoid, insofar as possible, debate or decision by GA on obligatory character its recommendations re Fourth Committee affairs which might have compromising effect on GA actions in other fields.

C. U.S. will make every effort in administration of Trust Territory of Pacific Islands to implement resolutions of Trusteeship Council and to report fully thereon. U.S. hopes to devote more space in future annual reports to description and discussion of implementation. U.S. considers full, frank reporting on implementation, indicating thorough and sympathetic effort to carry out recommendations, is best antidote to criticism and pressure on this matter.

D. If legal question implementation GA recommendations in Trust Territory Pacific Islands is raised, U.S. should take position that while legal non-competence GA is clear (in view its status as strategic trust territory), U.S. will avoid narrow interpretation of Charter in this matter and will, in absence of strategic considerations, make every effort carry out GA views, without, however, prejudicing its position under Article 83.

E. Should any proposals concerning implementation arise in Sixth GA as result of consideration of report of Secretary-General called for in Resolution 436 (V), U.S. in formulating its position will take into account the foregoing considerations.

  1. Brackets in the source text.