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Discussion Brief for Bilateral Talks on Colonial Policy To Be Held at London and Paris (Agenda Item IV (a) 5)


Item IV, (a), 5: South West Africa

I. Problem: To determine U.S. position as to further steps which might be taken with regard to the question of South West Africa.

II. Recommended United States Position:

A. U.S. continues to favor achieving agreement, consistent with advisory opinion of ICJ, with Union of South Africa on the future status of the Territory of South West Africa.

B. U.S. considers that Ad Hoc Committee on South West Africa made careful and commendable effort to achieve agreement with Union. We regret that Union was unable to accept as basis for discussion draft agreement submitted to it by Committee. We consider this draft agreement fair and reasonable; furthermore, it is doubtful if any proposal containing less than principles set forth therein could be considered to be in conformity with Court’s opinion or would be approved by GA. Therefore, we hope that the Union will reconsider its stand and accept the Committee’s offer of further consultations on the basis of the Committee’s draft.

C. U.S., while aware of difficulties inherent in further delays on this question, considers that it would be advantageous to continue exploring possibilities with Union if the latter shows any willingness to consult further on basis of Committee’s proposal; however, should Union maintain its position that it cannot accept the Committee’s proposals as a basis for discussion, U.S. may be obliged to conclude no further mediatory role possible.

D. U.S. continues to be willing to examine any further suggestions as to procedures for implementing Court’s opinion, and would welcome any suggestions UK [France]1 may wish to make; however, U.S. could not support procedures which would wholly divorce GA from supervisory machinery.

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E. U.S. willing as one of remaining Principal Allied and Associated Powers to be one of contracting parties to an agreement such as that proposed by the Committee if UK and France agree, and if approved by the GA, and would therefore be interested in knowing views of UK [France] on this question.

  1. Brackets in this document are in the source text.