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Discussion Brief for Bilateral Talks on Colonial Policy To Be Held at London and Paris (Agenda Item IV (a)3(b))


Item IV, [(a)] 3, (b)—Submission of Political Information to UN

I. Problem: To determine U.S. position on submission of political information under Article 73(e). USSR bloc demands mandatory submission; majority administering, non-administering Members support voluntary submission; U.K., Belgium oppose both; France has supported voluntary submission, reserve position in 1949.

II. Recommended United States Position:

A. U.S. maintains view that submission political information not required by Article 73(e), but itself voluntarily submits political information and hopes others will do so.

B. On use of voluntary political information, U.S. maintains

Terms of reference of Special Committee apply as in case of other information under Article 73(e); viz., can make general recommendations on functional fields, but not re specific territories.
GA competent to utilize such information in discussing general definition “non-self-governing”; but should not make recommendations on this matter on specific territories. U.S. maintains voluntary submission does not prejudice right of administering Members to determine status of their territories under Chapter XI.

C. U.S. considers that, in revision of Standard Form, provisions of Resolution 327 (IV), para. 3, should be complied with. (This recommends that information on geography, history, people and human rights should cease to be classified under general category of Standard Form.)

D. U.S. believes it desirable, in principle as well as for tactical reasons, that

Democratic governments expound, discuss, and defend democratic institutions, and problems of their evolution, particularly in respect to areas in which they are responsible for development of such institutions.
Any other course invites unjustified suspicions, presuppositions and insinuations.