ODA Files, Lot 60 D 512

Agreed Agenda for Colonial Policy Talks Between the United States and the United Kingdom, and the United States and France, London and Paris, October 1951


I. General review by United Kingdom Representatives of the position of the colonial territories in the current world situation

II. Suggestions by United States Representatives of additions to the agenda (United States suggestions have been incorporated at appropriate places in the agenda)

III. Review of tactics in dealing with colonial and trusteeship questions in the United Nations in 1951 including

Appraisal of United Nations activities in the colonial field during 1950–51 in the light of the consultations on colonial policy held during July 1950
Ways of improving the atmosphere in the Fourth Committee of the General Assembly
Ways of raising the prestige of the Trusteeship Council in the opinion of Members of the Fourth Committee

IV. List of the detailed items that will or may arise in the United Nations during 1951

Important items
The Ewe problem
General Assembly Resolution 334(IV) (definition of non-self-governing territories) and Resolution 222 (III) (submission of political and constitutional information)
Administrative unions
South West Africa
Other items
General Assembly Resolution on Rural Economic Development in Trust Territories
Handling of the 1951 Special Committee, including the General Assembly Resolution on the implementation of the Declaration of Human Rights in non-self-governing territories, and including the question of the revision of the Standard Form (including the possibility of making arrangements whereby the smaller colonial territories would be required to transmit information at intervals longer than one year)
Relations between the Trusteeship Council and the General Assembly
Actions arising out of General Assembly Resolution 435(V) (information on the implementation of Trusteeship Council and General Assembly resolutions relating to trust territories)
Revision of the Trusteeship Council’s Questionnaire
Colonial Application Clause
Italian participation in the Trusteeship Council
More effective measures to counter Soviet inspired activities in colonial areas and Soviet exploitation of the theme of “Western Imperialism” in their propaganda
Indian proposal on Fourth Committee procedure (simultaneous discussion of developments in both trust and non-self-governing territories)
Questions relating to Caribbean and South Pacific Commissions

V. The question of further diplomatic approaches to other Member States of the United Nations prior to the 1951 General Assembly

VI. Summing up of the talks. Review of the contributions colonial territories are making and may make to the strength of the free world (including such topics as the production of essential raw materials)