Memorandum of Conversation, by Mr. “Ward P. Allen, Special Assistant on United Nations Affairs, Bureau of European Affairs


Subject: Elections to SC—Yugoslav Case

Participants: Mr. Gerald Meade, British Embassy
Mr. Ward P. Allen—EUR

I advised Mr. Meade that we had practically decided to announce our support of Greece for the Yugo SC seat, and would undoubtedly [Page 88] do so shortly. Mr. Meade felt certain that even if the UK should change its decision to support a Soviet satellite, they would not feel able to support Greece. I suggested that therefore the only way in which we might avoid a US–UK split on this issue would be for the UK to come up in the next two or three days with the name of another non-satellite candidate whom they would agree to support and whom we could seriously consider as a compromise.

We discussed the proposed Yugo case at some length1 and I indicated that the French as well as ourselves had taken an affirmative attitude toward it in response to Yugoslavia’s request for our views and that only the UK had sought to discourage them. I asked Mr. Meade to urge his government, now that Yugoslavia has decided to go forward with its case, to take a more affirmative attitude, to lend its support, and participate wholeheartedly in the debate. Mr. Meade indicated his personal agreement and stated he would strongly urge this course upon the UK Foreign Office.

  1. For documentation on U.S. relations with Yugoslavia, see volume iv.