645K.51T3/2–751: Telegram

The Acting United States Representative at the United Nations (Gross) to the Secretary of State


1240. For Jones, UND. Re: Ewe problem. Ewe problem Thursday agenda. UK, France, Iraq, US Dels agreed following procedure: UK-France will present original Anglo-French draft resolution as communicated earlier to Department. Iraq–US will present text below as separate draft resolution. This procedure necessary because Khalidy cannot accept submission Iraq–US text as an amendment. Chairman will call for vote on Iraq-US resolution first. This text expected to pass by 9–2 (UK,. France)–1 (Soviet). Anglo-French draft resolution will thus not come to vote.

“The TC having considered the GA resolution of the 2nd December 1950 (Doc A/1.616) on the subject of the Ewe problem;

Noting the statements made by the administering authorities regarding the electoral methods adopted for elections to the enlarged Consultative Commission for the trust territories of Togoland under French administration and Togoland under British administration;

Considering that these methods represented an effort to enable the sections of the population concerned to express their opinions;

Noting that certain groups in the two trust territories did not find it possible to take part either in certain stages of the elections or in the proceedings of the enlarged Consultative Commission;

Notes that the administering authorities propose to take steps in order to encourage these groups to take part hereafter in the work of the commission;

Urges these groups to cooperate with the administering authorities in their efforts to seek a solution of the problem;

Regrets that a satisfactory solution of the problem has not yet been reached notwithstanding the delays involved;

Draws the attention of the administering authorities to the necessity of seeking a solution with the utmost expedition;

Invites the two administering authorities to continue their efforts to solve the problem in the spirit of the resolution of the TC of July 14, 1950;

Recommends, whether or not the composition of the Consultative Commission is completed, that the administering authorities formulate as soon as possible substantive proposals for a practicable solution of the question and inform the council accordingly not later than July 1, 1951.”