645K51T3/2–2751: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the Embassy in France 1


4533. Dept has given careful study to points raised in Embtels 49592 and 50403 re Ewe problem as well as reasons given Dept by Ambs Garreau and Bonnet why Fr unable agree our suggested amendment.

US suggestions were made privately to Fr and Brit in effort be helpful meeting situation with which both confronted in TO and were motivated by fol considerations: (1) desirability that any proposal be acceptable to Ewes thus enabling fully representative Consultative Commission carry out intended functions; (2) desirability that such proposal, if not acceptable to Ewes, seem sufficiently reasonable to majority UN Members that they would blame failure Ewes to accept it on Ewes rather than Fr. Dept believes that present Anglo-French proposals will not receive TO majority and even if adopted would be rejected by Ewes and as result inflamed Ewe problem would arise in next GA. Result would be acrimonious debate with majority bloc non-administering powers securing adoption by GA more extreme proposals, such as UN investigating Comite, UN supervised elections, or UN supervised plebescite. Fr Govt will appreciate that adoption by GA of extreme proposal involving increased UN intervention in Ewe problem would establish precedent similar intervention in administration other trust territories.

Bequest Emb at its discretion bring these considerations to attention of Fr and assure them US does not consider its proposal implies that conduct of original elections in any way questionable. Emb also requested inform Fr we share objective of securing promptest solution Ewe problem in manner fairest to all elements concerned and one not likely cause subsequent serious difficulties in UN and locally. Dept agreed with Fr Emb Rep here that it would be desirable proceed slowly in TC taking into account views which will be expressed by TC Members fol their study Baptiste Report. At this stage USDel does not plan to speak on question or initiate action but will await trend of debate.

  1. Repeated for information to London as 3988 and to New York for USUN as 750.
  2. Dated February 22, p. 546.
  3. Dated February 27, p. 555.