645K.51T3/2–2251: Telegram

The Ambassador in France (Bruce) to the Secretary of State


4959. Lack of understanding allegedly evinced by Department regarding proposed joint Anglo-French resolution concerning Ewe problem causing great concern Foreign Office. We were told that suggested measures by French and British to insure representation of Commission Togo Union in Consultative Commission and draft resolution agreed upon by French and British had been accepted by Ministry Overseas France, which is responsible for administration French Togoland, only after long struggle.

[Page 547]

Foreign Office stated that any alternative measures, as suggested by Department as possible amendment to resolution, would create situation of endless recriminations, with no settlement of problem possible. Holding of new elections would be admission that original elections not properly conducted, and might give rise to demands for review of electoral results in districts other than those predominantly Ewe.

Ministry Overseas France would categorically refuse hold new general elections which they believe would create disorder in territory. French, and Foreign Office assures us that British also, consider that increase in size Consultative Commission with proportionate representation of Ewes based on results general elections recently held is only equitable settlement, and authority of Trusteeship Council should be brought into play to convince Ewes to take part.

Foreign Office has requested us to convey to Department its hope that latter will reconsider its present attitude and support Anglo-French proposals, since they consider this solution only means of putting end to what otherwise might develop into prolonged and increasingly complicated problem.

Sent Department 4959; repeated info London 1184.