The Department of State to the British Embassy


The Department of State refers to the memorandum presented by Mr. Meade of the British Embassy dated June 9, 19501 in which the views of the United Kingdom Government relating to the Ewe question In the Trusteeship Council were set forth and with respect to which the official views of this Government were requested.

The memorandum, together with the attached documents, has been studied by the Department of State and this Government is prepared to support the proposal to enlarge the composition and terms of reference of the Standing Consultative Commission for Togoland Affairs. The United States regards the proposal as a step toward the solution of this difficult political question.

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This Government is further prepared to support the proposed positions of the Governments of the United Kingdom and France, as outlined in the memorandum, regarding the three modifications which might be suggested in the Trusteeship Council.

It is noted that the memorandum to be presented to the Trusteeship Council does not contain details as to the method of electing the members of the enlarged Consultative Commission. This Government, and probably others in the Trusteeship Council, would be interested in such details, particularly as to the plans for securing the appropriate proportional representation of various elements of the population.

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