320/11–1451: Telegram

The Acting Secretary of State to the United States Representative at the United Nations ( Austin )1


Gadel 216. Re Yugo draft Res Delga 190 Nov 14, Dept notes with approval moderation its terms, in belief such Res likely attract maximum support. At same time Res has sufficient substance avoid anti-climactic effect when introduced after strong speeches. Focus Res upon “attitude” rather than alleged acts Sov bloc seems advantageous in that it minimizes need for detailed investigation as prerequisite for passage since alleged attitude indisputable, and can be easily proven in addresses Ad Hoc comite by quotation Cominform sources.

While recognizing terms Res primarily up to Yugos, Dept offers fol specific comments:

Yugos may wish to move Para beginning “Takes note, etc.” to end of Res.
We assume omission of reference mistreatment Yugo minorities indicates this not intended to be a substantial part Yugo case. If Yugos shld introduce this element USDel may find appropriate opportunity to use data on human rights violation in speeches.
Recommendation in Para 3 re estab mixed border commissions might properly be addressed to Yugo Govt as well as satellites. Dept does not consider border comms inconsistent with, or adequate substitute for, impartial UN observing machinery. In view terms draft Res Delga 222,2 re POC sub-comite under Greek case, suggest discussing Yugo Del question additional para recommending that Yugo and satellite govts request POC Balkan sub-comite established under previous Res send observers to area. Assuming Yugos continue oppose unilateral admission POC observers, inclusion indicated provision wld still provide them opportunity make declaration willingness admit observers provided satellites also agree. If this suggestion not acceptable Yugos Dept believes some ref this machinery under Yugo case might be introduced by Yugos, or by US or other Dels with Yugo consent. If Yugos object to this procedure appropriate separate Res under Yugo item might be considered.

As an alternative approach to present Yugo draft Res that may be mentioned at discretion USDel in event Yugos encounter or anticipate difficulties in attaining wide support of Res, Dept offers fol possibilities:

Dept appreciates Yugo desire make clear situation of which it complains entirely of Sov making, and that Yugo sinned against but not sinning. Nevertheless, in its own interest to increase support Res, Yugo may wish to consider modification on grounds present draft Res, while moderate, compels members to take sides against Soviets in [Page 513] Yugo–Sov dispute more decisively than many may be willing to do. Proposed recommendations may also lose force in eyes other Dels since addressed only Cominform states and not Yugo. Since these call only for steps required by Charter and by friendly internatl relations and practices, Yugo may not oppose having them addressed in effect to it as well. In light ref Yugo charges in preamble, this cld not reasonably be interpreted as criticism Yugos. By stating principles in gen terms, steps recommended wld appear considered judgment GA rather than program demanded by one party; it wld appear more fully accord purposes cited preamble Res, and might gain wider support other Dels. Also, it wld render immaterial any Sov charges Yugo violations, make Sov rejection Res more embarrassing, and add weight affirmation Yugo willingness cooperate.
Under above suggestions, after 4 Paras preamble draft Res wld read along fol lines:

Considers that in the interest of strengthening Universal Peace the Govt of Yugo and the Govts of the USSR, Hung, Bulg, Rum, Albania, Czech and Pol shld:

Conduct their mutual relations in accordance with the spirit of the UN Charter.
Normalize their dipl intercourse to conform with the rules and practices which are customary in internatl relations.
In the case of Yugo, and Bulg, Hung, Rum and Albania regularize their border relationships by agreement, and estab mixed border commissions for the settlement of possible border disputes.
Employ all other appropriate means for the peaceful settlement of outstanding questions between them.

Notes with approval that the Govt of the FPR of Yugo has shown itself ready to act in accordance with the principles set forth in the previous para, and has expressed its readiness to take all the necessary steps for putting them into practice, and calls upon the Govts of the USSR, Hung, Bulg, Rum and Albania as well as the Govts of Czech and Pol to do likewise.”

If suggestion acceptable, having Yugo introduce Res addressed to itself among others may be somewhat anomalous but is not inappropriate. Also possible have this suggestion come as amendment by some other Del, which Yugo can gracefully accept. Despite Yugos initial reaction reported Delga 264 Nov 20,3 they may be interested this suggestion later date.

  1. Repeated for information to Belgrade as 559.
  2. November 16, not printed.
  3. Not printed.