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Memorandum of Conversation, by the Deputy United States Representative at the United Nations (Gross)


Subject: Soviet Resolution on NATO

Participants: General Dwight Eisenhower, SHAPE
Amb. Ernest A. Gross, U.S. Delegation

At dinner on December 11 I had the opportunity to discuss informally with General Eisenhower the problem of how best to meet the Soviet attack on NATO which we anticipated in connection with the Soviet resolution. I said we had been considering alternatives such as making our case and letting the General Assembly vote down the Soviet resolution, or having the General Assembly determine affirmatively that NATO participation is consistent with UN membership.

General Eisenhower’s tentative reaction was that a more convincing response might be a resolution dealing with Soviet prohibitions and restrictions on freedom of movement and communication. The Soviet Union is aware their attack upon NATO was hollow and they merely seek propaganda advantage. General Eisenhower felt we would accomplish more by making a frontal attack upon issues which would put the Soviet Union on the defensive, in addition to meeting their NATO charges.

Of course, he was not committing himself to this view nor did he have all relevant considerations placed before him. However, it seems to me that his suggestion might fit into the general concept of “Peace with Freedom.” Our Working Group should draft a resolution along these lines for the consideration of the Delegation. Such a resolution might be sponsored and presented under the initiative of small Powers.