320/12–2951: Telegram

The Secretary of State to the United States Representative at the United Nations (Austin)


Gadel 565. Re MSA Item. Number abstentions MSA vote in Comite perhaps indicative failure these states to realize how directly issues involved concern whole free world. In handling MSA item in plenary [Page 486] Dept believes continued emphasis shld be placed significance Mutual Security Act entire free world. Wording of Sov draft Res affords one such opportunity. Del might point out that while Sov complaint addressed to only one of many sections MSA, Sovs reveal true motives in Res calling for abrogation entire Act. Point out this wld mean abrogation aid Greece and Turkey, econ and technical assistance Africa and Near East, aid Far East including UN Korean Reconstruction Agency, appropriations for technical assistance Amer Republics, for UN Relief and Works Agency Palestine, for refugee relief and resettlement in Israel, and UN technical assistance program in addition funds for defense and development free Europe. Sovs thus again demonstrate insincerity of charges and underlying hostility to broad purpose defense and econ development free world.

In determining whether above point shld be used, Del may wish bear in mind possibility of Sov rebuttal to effect that inclusion these appropriations in MSA proves technical assistance etc only a facet of alleged “militaristic imperialistic US program of world domination”.

Above point may have to be made briefly since Dept considering statement on treatment US fliers by Hungary in connection with explanation vote on MSA in plenary. Further instrs will fol.